Custom Wine Production

If you don’t find any of our bottled shiners that fit your program, Texas Custom Wine Works can produce a custom product to your specifications.

On custom production runs, we require a 112 case minimum of each product. There are variables as far as wine value and materials cost, but most wines end up in the $80.00 to $85.00/case range. This is with Texas Custom Wine Works supplying the bulk wine and materials, but client supplies the labels (see our Wine Labeling Requirements before ordering your labels). If you have your own wine and just need help bottling, please see our Contract Wine Bottling information.
Each product must have label approval from the Federal (TTB) and the state (TABC). We charge a one time fee of $120.00 per label to submit to both entities. This is a federal and state requirement for any winery and the labels must be submitted by the bottler.

If you prefer to leave our name off of the label, we can file for a Fictitious Business Name on our bond which costs $160.00 and takes approximately 4-6 weeks or more depending on processing time frames.



Example pricing for custom wine production at Texas Custom Wine Works

$120.00 label submission fee (one time fee, per label)
$160 DBA filing fee (one time fee, per client)
$8960.00 = $80.00/cs x 112 cases (includes wine, packaging materials and bottling fees, labels not included)

Total: $9,240.00 Approximate total for a first time custom wine production run with a minimum order of 112 cases.



Production Timelines

Texas Custom Wine Works requires a 50% down payment of our projected estimate to begin the process and consider receipt of the down payment as the start date of the project.

New products generally take 90-120 days from receipt of down payment, with label design, approval and printing being the most time consuming part of the process.

Re-orders generally require 45-60 days from receipt of down payment. Re-orders will be built using available wines and may not be an exact blend, vintage or varietal as a previous order. Our wine maker will match as closely as possible based on variables such as PH, TA, flavor profile and mouthfeel.




The final bill will vary slightly from the starting quote based on the finished case count and will be adjusted accordingly after production. Wine will not be released for pick-up or shipping until final bill is paid in full and product is released from TCWW QC hold.

Both TTB registry number and TABC “G” permit number are required before any wine can be shipped or picked-up.



Ship out / Pick-up

We require a minimum of 2 days notice before pick-up to prepare the product.



Storage fees

Once TCWW’s Winemaker notifies client that wines are bottle-ready, client is encouraged to move wine products from tank or barrel to bottle, then from TCWW’s facility in a timely fashion. This is for both TCWW’s benefit and the clients and improves the quality of wine being produced. All Items left in TCWW facilities is subject to Storage Costs and other related fees applicable to the storing of and caring for the client’s wine in TCWW’s facility.

All wines bottled by TCWW will be placed on mandatory Quality Control (QC) Hold. This QC Hold is generally for a 2 to 3-week period to test bottle sterility. Wines will not be considered client-ready until this QC hold period has been completed.

Wine which has been bottled but not picked up after ten (10) days, following release from QC Hold, will be moved from the loading docks and into TCWW’s Warehouse and a Case Inbound Fee will be applied and Storage Costs will begin to accumulate. TCWW does not pro-rate it’s storage fees, so the cost will be the same whether the wine is in storage for one (1) day or the entire month.